Nutrition Wellness Center SarasotaNutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota is directed by Dr. James H. Martin. An established clinical nutritionist and former chiropractic physician, Dr. Martin has over 30 years of practice experience. Over the course of his career, he has developed an understanding of the value of alternative medicine. Today, he is sharing his insight with his clients in an effort to improve their health and assist them in meeting their goals.

Detoxification: Removing Harmful Substances from the Body

Detoxification has become a hot topic in the world of alternative medicine. Through detoxification, Dr. Martin of Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota is able to assist clients in achieving optimal wellness. Toxins have the ability to cause dis-ease, so addressing them can allow individuals to support their wellbeing.

The approach that Dr. Martin takes is unique in that he offers an individualized program to each client. One size fits all programs fail to address all of the issues that a person may face. To ensure that the program he creates pinpoints the necessary toxins, Dr. Martin creates a tailored care plan for each client with whom he works.

  1. After meeting with Dr. Martin, clients are tested for toxins. In fact, they are tested for approximately 700 different harmful substances.
  2. Once the results of the screening are back, Dr. Martin analyzes them to determine the toxins that pose the most risk to the client.
  3. Using his analysis, Dr. Martin creates a personalized detoxification program. This program targets the substances that are causing the most damage to an individual’s body.

Oftentimes, when individuals rid toxins from their system, they feel better. They may also lose weight, as their bodies are able to function more efficiently. Here are some of the things that Dr. Martin’s clients have had to say about the program he has designed for them:

“I was overweight and I had severe thyroid problems. I had a general run-down feeling. I also struggled with depression, a heavy feeling. It was hard to keep up with things, just wasn’t feeling motivated to keep up with life. I was also on thyroid medicine for nine years, at higher and higher doses.

“I stopped taking the thyroid drugs and now that I’m on Dr. Martin’s program, my thyroid blood work gets better and better. I have lost 61 pounds in two six-week sessions. My husband has noticed the changes and he tells others I have more energy and that I am happier now” –Marty H. from Franklin, Kentucky.

“For five years I was tired and overweight. I was not motivated to do anything. I was tired all the time. I didn’t want to work; I couldn’t get motivated in the morning. I had tried different diets and took some vitamins, but nothing really important happened.

“I heard about Nutrition Wellness Center through my sister-in-law, when I saw how much weight she was losing. I wanted to do that, too. Since doing this program I feel like a new person! Everybody tells me I look younger. One lady said, ‘You look like a 21 year old!’ (I’m 42). My husband thinks it’s great. I’m just impressed with everything—it’s the first diet that’s ever worked for me. I’ve tried five different ones. I recommended Nutrition Wellness Center to others because it works!” –A. Miller from Millersburg, Ohio.

Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota provides clients with a unique opportunity to release toxins from their bodies. Other nutrition and detoxification programs often provide a standard plan to each client. By taking an individualized approach, Dr. Martin is able to better address the needs of his clients.

Accelerated Weight Loss: Unlocking a Higher Degree of Health

Carrying around extra weight is difficult on the body. Additionally, people who have excess pounds may feel tired more often, or notice that they have a low level of energy. Dr. Martin’s accelerated weight loss program at Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota has helped many clients overcome their fitness hurdles.

The weight loss approach Dr. Martin takes is similar to his detoxification program in that it is individualized. Dr. Martin believes that each client deserves personalized attention. As such, he offers a high degree of support to each individual with whom he works.

Nutrition Wellness Center Sarasota: Shedding Extra Pounds

Many of Dr. Martin’s clients have sent in details of their experiences. Here are a few that showcase the great work that Dr. Martin and his team are doing.

“A good friend of mine told me about Nutrition Wellness Center and their weight loss program. She told me it was very easy for her to do and thought it would be easy for me too. I knew from what she told me I would lose weight, but I didn’t expect to lose 40 pounds in only six weeks!

“During the six weeks I noticed that I had much less aches and pains. I sleep so much better now. I have less food cravings and my mood is much better. Also my blood pressure is down and I went off my medication. Everyone who knows me is so impressed with how much better I am and [how] much more energy I have” –S. Yoder of Ohio.

“I am sleeping so much better, I have less headaches, I’m happier, and I feel a lot better. I have more energy and I’m running around a lot more at school. My cravings are down and I’ve lost 29 pounds in only 31 days! Others have commented and said that they can tell I’ve lost weight, I am so happy with my results. My sisters have seen how much help I got from Dr. Martin and they both are on the program now and doing quite well. Thank you, Dr. Martin, for making a weight loss program that is easy to follow—and it works!” –C.T. from Ohio.

Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota is dedicated to assisting clients with meeting their goals. To do so, Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota offers detoxification programs that remove harmful substances from the body. Additionally, Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota provides targeted weight loss programs.

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Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota is such a wonderful place! Dr. Martin has helped me overcome so many obstacles during my weight loss journey. (314) 849-3339 75 BROAD ST Hanford AB, 79109 USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 Nutrition Wellness Center of Sarasota is such a wonderful place! Dr. Martin has helped me overcome so many obstacles during my weight loss journey.